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We live in a networked, participatory culture where the consumption of art and culture is not only multi-linear--see it, record it, social media it--but where the recommendation of a peer often carries more weight than the word of the critic. This is forcing many of us to expand not just the ways in which we think about culture, but the traditional vehicles we use to communicate them.

KCET Public Media is proud to announce the launch of Artbound, a transmedia series that creates new ways to explore and engage with the arts and culture of Southern California.

With over thirty columnists and cultural critics in 11 counties of Southern California, Artbound is scanning the region, providing seeds of engagement through articles, videos, projects and partners, who are narrating the cultural stories of our region.

In our new media saturated environment, the critical issue for the arts is not just one of analysis but also distribution; that is why we've created a platform where you can become a participant in the re-telling or creation of a story. By selecting articles that will be turned into short-format documentaries and TV episodes, Artbound audiences become programmers, curators and critics, helping us determine what is current and viable in the cultural landscape of our time.

The production of culture now involves a web of interconnected variables that come together to articulate a story. We use social spaces to post, share and comment on photos, clips, songs, location-based check-ins and videos, all of which come together to create a multi-linear narrative of who we are as people, a groups and a society.

The role of Artbound is not just to record, report and broadcast the cultural stories of our time and our region; our aim is to create mechanisms--be it partnerships, projects or online tools--through which audiences can take direct action in the creation of a common narrative.

Follow us on Artbound and make the story happen.

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