I Need A Haircut

THEME: Anxiety reduction; new experiences. Tomorrow is class picture day and Bali needs to get a haircut. So dad takes him to his barber. This makes Bali rather anxious, for it's the first time he's ever been to a barber. The super friendly barber, Mr Guiseppe, asks Bali to choose his hair style. This takes Bali into his dream, where all the hairstyle pictures come alive to help Bali choose. Back in 'reality', not having found a picture he likes, Bali instead draws the haircut he wants.

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Brrrr! It's Cold

THEME: Charity; helping others. Bali's parents gather up all of their second hand clothes to give to the needy. But Bali has strong emotional attachments to his clothes and doesn't want to give them away. The next day, while in the park with his parents, Bali runs into his two best friends Tamara and Tito who are making snowmen. Bali jumps in and helps out. In his dream, the snowmen come alive and help Bali learn the importance of sharing and of helping others. Back in 'reality', Bali and friends put the old clothes on the snowmen.

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