Lollipops Everywhere!

THEME: Problem solving; flexible thinking. Bali, dad and Lea are shopping at the grocery store when dad tries to fix the wonky wheel on their shopping cart. As he does, Bali tries to sooth an upset Lea who wants a lollipop. Unfortunately, the lollipop 'robot' is malfunctioning. In his dream, Bali finds himself in the midst of a large, but broken down, candy making machine. But doing the same as his dad, Bali and Kikou are able to fix the machine.

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I Need A Haircut

THEME: Anxiety reduction; new experiences. Tomorrow is class picture day and Bali needs to get a haircut. So dad takes him to his barber. This makes Bali rather anxious, for it's the first time he's ever been to a barber. The super friendly barber, Mr Guiseppe, asks Bali to choose his hair style. This takes Bali into his dream, where all the hairstyle pictures come alive to help Bali choose. Back in 'reality', not having found a picture he likes, Bali instead draws the haircut he wants.

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Nanou to the Rescue

THEME: Asking for help. Nanou takes Bali, Tito and Lea to the park. While kicking around a soccer ball, it gets stuck in a big tree. A tree Nanou had asked the boys not to play near. Bali goes to get help, but Tito says he can get it himself. Unfortunately, Tito becomes stuck on a tree branch. In the dream, Bali is flying an airplane through the skies, but cannot reach Tito who is stuck on the top of a towering tree. So he asks for help from Nanou. In 'reality' despite Tito's protests, Bali now knows what to do and returns with Nanou who saves the day.

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I'm Not Scared

THEME: Fear of the dark; anxiety reduction. It's bedtime, but Bali is having trouble sleeping as the evening is filled with odd sounds and lights. All this makes Bali a little scared. As he puts his bed covers over his head he enters his dream. Looking about, he discovers a 'monster' in his room. Frightened at first, Bali befriends the monster and discovers the fun and beauty of nighttime and that there's really nothing to fear. Back in 'reality', Bali enjoys the evening sounds and lights, as he falls asleep.

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Need to Keep Going

THEME: Facing a challenge; perseverance; making difficult tasks enjoyable. Bali and dad have to deliver party invitations to all the tenants in their apartment building. To make things more playful, Bali and dad dress up like mountain climbers and pretend that the stairs are in fact a steep mountain. As they become tired, Bali enters his dream where he encounters the legendary Yeti climbing the same mountainside. The Yeti tells Bali the trick to climbing, is to sing a song and before they know it, they've made it to the top.

  • 2017-08-27T01:00:00-07:00