Nanou to the Rescue

THEME: Asking for help. Nanou takes Bali, Tito and Lea to the park. While kicking around a soccer ball, it gets stuck in a big tree. A tree Nanou had asked the boys not to play near. Bali goes to get help, but Tito says he can get it himself. Unfortunately, Tito becomes stuck on a tree branch. In the dream, Bali is flying an airplane through the skies, but cannot reach Tito who is stuck on the top of a towering tree. So he asks for help from Nanou. In 'reality' despite Tito's protests, Bali now knows what to do and returns with Nanou who saves the day.

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Brrrr! It's Cold

THEME: Charity; helping others. Bali's parents gather up all of their second hand clothes to give to the needy. But Bali has strong emotional attachments to his clothes and doesn't want to give them away. The next day, while in the park with his parents, Bali runs into his two best friends Tamara and Tito who are making snowmen. Bali jumps in and helps out. In his dream, the snowmen come alive and help Bali learn the importance of sharing and of helping others. Back in 'reality', Bali and friends put the old clothes on the snowmen.

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Lollipops Everywhere!

THEME: Problem solving; flexible thinking. Bali, dad and Lea are shopping at the grocery store when dad tries to fix the wonky wheel on their shopping cart. As he does, Bali tries to sooth an upset Lea who wants a lollipop. Unfortunately, the lollipop 'robot' is malfunctioning. In his dream, Bali finds himself in the midst of a large, but broken down, candy making machine. But doing the same as his dad, Bali and Kikou are able to fix the machine.

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