Mickey Mouse and Goofy in space suits | Still from “Blue Sky Metropolis” Episode 2

Disney Sells the Space Dream

Wernher Von Braun was an ex-Nazi who helped create the rocket that bombed Great Britain. His knowhow would be used in the United States in service of the space race; his background swept under the rug. Alongside Walt Disney and his Tomorrowland, Von Braun, now dubbed the “Father of the American Space program,” the two would ignite a fervor for the great beyond.

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Wings: Aviation Takes Flight in Early Los Angeles

In this episode, the documentary establishes Southern California as the undisputed aviation capital of the world and introduce the industry founders — Jack Northrop, Glenn Martin and Donald Douglas.  Nice weather attracted them but so did a climate friendly to dreamers, risk takers and entrepreneurs.  Amelia Earhart learned to fly here, becoming only the 16th woman in the world to earn a pilot’s license, succeeding in an industry dominated by men.

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The Big Chill: The Cold War Fuels Business and Anxiety

This episode traces how The Cold War and Pentagon dollars fund the explosive growth of modern Los Angeles.  The end of World War II meant massive unemployment for the millions of workers in Southern California who built the aircraft that helped win the war, but a series of world events changed all that, creating a permanent wartime economy.  First, the Soviets successfully tested an atomic bomb.  Next, Mao Tse-Tung created a second Communist empire with his People’s Republic of China.  Finally, the Korean War marked the first communism/capitalism military showdown

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