Still from Nadah El Shazly's "Mahmiya"


"Misfits" features music videos from Indian indie rocker Alluri, Brazilian band Boogarins, Japanese group The fin, Canadian rock band Destroyer, Swedish singer Fatima, Tunisian producer Ammar 808, and Egyptian artist Nadah El- Shazly. 

Alluri - Endukala
Boogarins - Corredor Polonês
The fin. - Shedding
Destroyer - Stay Lost
Fatima - Somebody Else
Ammar 808 feat. Mehdi Massouli - Boganga & Sandia
Nadah El Shazly | ندى الشاذلي | Mahmiya | محمية ​

Hear the extended playlist on Spotify.

Hear extended playlist on Spotify

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