Five Great "Border Blaster" Videos from Mexico

"Border Blaster" is now in its fifth season, and we've featured videos from all over the world. Here are five highlights from Mexico, one of our most commonly-featured countries:

Los Blenders - Amor Prohibido II

Mexico City punks Los Blenders present a tale of post-adolescent "Amor Prohibido" — "forbidden love"— in a carefree urban world.

Sotomayor - Una Linda Mañana

Sotomayor is one of the best emerging bands in Mexico. In the music video for "Una Linda Mañana," a woman flows gracefully underwater. Cold and mototone, she is seemingly floating toward a light, and when she encounters it, she opens up and is filled with life. 

Shiro Schwarz - Separation Anxiety

"Separation Anxiety" is about two people who can’t be together. The video shows distorted fragments from when they where together, representing the residual images from their dreams.

Mercedes Nasta - Paricutín

Mexico City-based electronic artist, Mercedes Nasta, combines traditional sounds and electronic dreamscapes with "Paricutín." The video follows three aliens as they traverse lands from a buried village. Her abstract cumbias are inspired by nature, the beautifully raw and inspiring Mexico, and the dreams she documents religiously every morning.

Porter - Huitzil

Porter's video for "Huitzil" is a reinterpretation of a traditional indigenous dance in Mexico called "La Danza de los Diablitos." It depicts the battle between the native people and the Spanish conquistadores.

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