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Get More "Border Blaster" on Spotify

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This season, enhance your experience with our extended playlists on Spotify. "Border Blaster" host and dublab DJ Liz Warner curates a weekly selection of music that dives deeper into each episode.

The playlists will bring you catalog cuts from "Border Blaster" artists, as well as songs related to each episode. Whether that’s music that an artist has collaborated on or a celebration of the regions and styles featured, in true Border Blaster fashion the Spotify playlists bring you soulful musical and visual travels across the globe.

Also be sure to listen to Border Blaster playlists covering our past seasons for a reflection of the videos featured on previous episodes of Border Blaster.

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Still from Creme Caramel: A woman in a room with many lamps looks down at a creme caramel that has eyes.

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Collage of five featured videos from Mexico

Five Great "Border Blaster" Videos from Mexico

"Border Blaster" is now in its fifth season, and we've featured videos from all over the world. Here are five highlights from Mexico, one of our most commonly-featured countries.

Buyepongo Present Exclusive Mix — A Roadmap to Their Globe-Spanning Sound

Listen to Los Angeles-based Buyepongo's special Border Blaster mix, spanning ome of the farthest reaching tendrils of the buyangú sound, from Indonesian gamelan to breathless Honduran punta.