Social tolerance meets cultural diversity for 26 young New Zealanders from migrant and refugee backgrounds. Follow them as they face the ultimate challenge of trying to be true to themselves while conforming to the expectations of their parents and communities.

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David Correos

Filipino-Kiwi David Correos just won New Zealand’s most prestigious comedy award, The Billy T. Now he wants to shake up his routine to incorporate more stories from his culture, but will he be able to create a winning routine that doesn’t involve him taking off his clothes?

  • 2017-10-27T19:30:00-07:00

Ali Thair

Iraqi migrant Ali is frustrated with the stereotype of Arabs as terrorists and sets out to create a photography series that will challenge the Kiwi public to look beyond the headlines and to the real people inside the Islamic faith.

  • 2017-11-03T19:30:00-07:00

Mukuka Musowa

Zambian songstress Mukuka Musowa feels isolated from her cultural identity. Can she reconnect and find the confidence to make herself heard in a crowded and highly competitive music industry?

  • 2017-11-10T18:30:00-08:00

Simran Sandhu

Simran Sandhu is making a Bollywood film with a difference. In her controversial feminist dance film the lead abandons an arranged marriage in India to pursue her dream of dance in NZ. But will her community support her or stand in her way?

  • 2017-11-17T18:30:00-08:00