Broken Bread - Primary

A Walk Through South Los Angeles with Olympia Auset

There are 1.3 million residents but only 60 grocery stores in South Los Angeles; by comparison, the Westside has 600,000 residents and 57 grocery stores. Olympia Auset started SÜPRMARKT in response to this disparity, to deliver fresh organic produce to the doorsteps of people who have the least access to healthy and affordable food. Roy Choi visits with her to discuss the need that inspired her company and nonprofit, the prevalence of fast food and liquor stores in the area and the imbalances allowing these businesses to offer processed food for extremely affordable prices in so-called food deserts.

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Roy explores future culinary landscapes looking forward to a world affected by climate change. He spends an evening with chefs Henry Fischer and Anna Rose Hopkins from Hank and Bean who make a surprising plant-forward dinner featuring non-traditional protein sources like crickets and jellyfish. Roy also visits with Ethan Brown of Beyond Meat, a company pioneering the plant-based replacements for our favorite burgers and sausages, and Vegan Hooligans, a pop-up restaurant in eastside LA’s Eagle Rock making classic American diner food out of entirely plant-based ingredients.

  • 2020-06-21T09:30:00-07:00