Building the Dream

Building The Dream

"Building the Dream" offers unique insight into the challenges faced in the 27-year effort to create a national memorial to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.

The film recounts the journey of an idea for a national monument honoring Martin Luther King Jr.—from a group of friends talking around a kitchen table to the creation of this permanent symbol—to ensure King's Dream will remain alive for future generations. The documentary features interviews with Bill Clinton, Colin Powell, Andrew Young, John Lewis, John Warner, Connie Morella, John Sarbanes, King family members, and others tell the story of the Memorial from conception to completion.

"Building the Dream" shows the origins of a bold idea for the Memorial at a small, informal gathering of King’s Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity brothers in 1983. The fraternity took up the cause, eventually creating the MLK Memorial Foundation to broaden the effort and integrate corporate and private partners. The film follows the project through fundraising, design, bureaucratic hurdles, and groundbreaking, and shows the stones arriving on site and being moved into place. Watch as the nation celebrates the public opening of the Memorial with a gala dedication ceremony.

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