From the carefree beaches of San Diego through the rugged, dramatic coastlines to the North, California has been building a trail, over 1,000 miles in length, within sight, sound, or smell of the ocean. It's a massive undertaking, and while work continues, much has been done. Follow KCET all summer long as we travel up the SoCal coast from the U.S.-Mexico border to Sonoma County. If you happen to also visit -- and we're sure you will -- let us know on social media with a thought, photo, or video by hashtagging it with #myCAcoast.

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This series is a part of KCET and Link TV's “Summer of the Environment,” which offers a robust library of content on multiple platforms from June-August intended to ignite compassion and action for helping to save and heal our planet.

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Key to Exploring the sites of the California Coastal Trail
 Camping & Hiking
 Nature Preserves