california coastal trail

Border Field State Park: The Southern Trailhead or a Future Midway Point?

Here at the most southern end of the California Coastal Trail you find a juxtaposition to the busy city segments to the north in San Diego. Classic sandy beaches, a major river outflow, and plenty of birds to observe, all pushed up against the U.S.-Mexico border, marked by a high fence that reaches into the ocean.

But as San Diego County Supervisor suggests in this video, perhaps not literally, walls could be broken down in the future. "One of the things we've already had preliminary discussions with our friends down in Mexico is actually continuing the California Coastal Trail because the opportunities we have to continue that trail system into Mexico is, I think, one of the great untapped opportunities that we have."

And with that, you'd be looking at another 1,000 miles of trail ending at the picturesque arch in Cabo San Lucas. Not bad.

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