california coastal trail

Border to Border: A Quick Overview of the California Coastal Trail

Depending who you are, the California coast can mean many things: a weekend spot for rest and relaxation, a view that offers beauty and drama bundled into one, an opportunity to disconnect from technology and ride some waves. No matter your reason, visitors have probably crossed one of the state's most notable trails on the way to the sand, whether they knew it or not.

The California Coastal Trail got its start over four decades ago when voters approved a ballot measure protecting the Golden State's largest asset: its coastline. That resounding "yes!" paved the path for more protection, including one that formally set sights on the longtime dream of many to build a trail along the whole coast.

Still a works in progress, the CCT may someday become as recognizable as other American routes that don recognizable acronyms, like the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) and AT (Appalachian Trail). It deserves that even if it's not in the rugged backcountry with snow-capped peaks to climb. After all, some 1,200 miles within the sight, sound, or smell of the Pacific Ocean, flanked by hundreds of unique communities and an unending amount of enthusiastic visitors, is a worthy trip for anyone's bucket list.

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