Five of Sonoma County's Best Campgrounds

Sonoma may be most associated with wine country, but don't let that fool you -- it has so much more to offer. Sonoma County is home to some of the state's most stunning coastal terrain -- from cloistered coves to pygmy forests. See what scenic campground is right for you and your family below.


1) Wright's Beach Campground

wright's beach
Wright's Beach | ejbSF/Flickr/Creative Commons

There's no getting your sleeping bag closer to the sand than at Wright's Beach Campground. This pet-friendly spot, complete with flushing toilets and running water, offers unparalleled access to sea. And with only 27 campsites nestled in this section of the beach, chances are high that you'll have peace and quiet as the you listen to the hush of the nearby waves.

2) Gualala Point Regional Park

Camping in Gualala | Sarah and Jason/Flickr/Creative Commons

Part of a 195-acre park with a one-mile trail that meanders through meadows and coastal forests, the campgrounds at Gualala Point are a marvel. Shaded and situated near the Gualala River that empties into the sea, camping is a pleasant experience with picnic tables, flush toilets, and even showers. And, of course, the beach is right there waiting for you for a sunset stroll or afternoon laze. Visit here for more information.

3) Bodega Dunes Campground

bodega dunes
Bodega Dunes | Winifred/Flickr/Creative Commons

A popular summer destination in Sonoma County, Bodega Dunes may be best visited during the winter when the crowds thin out and the silence fills in. But either season you visit, this campground -- with close to 100 sites, is great for families and offers magnificent views of sunsets draped over the area's namesake dunes. For some solitude, take a stroll over the dunes as you head to Bodega Bay Beach. Visit here for more information. 

4) Ocean Cove Campground

ocean cove
Ocean Cove | Courtesy of oceangrove.org

With 20 acres of campgrounds with oceanfront views, it's easy to see why Ocean Grove is a cherished campground. Nestled on a bluff above a sheltered cove with rocky outcrops, camping is on a first come first served basis. But don't let that deter you -- with over 100 sites, you're bound to find your home for the weekend above your own paradisiacal cove. Visit here for more information. 

5) Salt Point State Park

salt point state park
Salt Point State Park | mksfca/flickr/Creative Commons

Ever seen a pygmy forest? If not, your chance is waiting for you at Salt Point State Park! See this deliciously diminutive forest along with kelp-rich coves, pockets of prairie land, and sandstone cliffs (sandstone from Salt Point was actually used in the construction of San Francisco's streets in the mid 1800s). There are also over 20 miles of hiking and equestrian trails in this one-of-a-kind coastal park, along with two main campgrounds for overnight excursions. Visit here for more information.

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