california coastal trail

Manhattan Beach: A Sense of Freedom, a Taste of Reality

Manhattan Beach is one of the several cities along the Marvin Braude Bike Trail. It's this path, locally referred to as The Strand, that can be seen as emblematic of the California Coastal Trail when completed: miles of uninterrupted path (in this case, 22 miles), a stack of communities, each with their own coastal vibe, and always within sight, sound, and smell of the ocean.

"Because it's in the process of coming together, it will no longer be just a day walk," explains Robin Kirk of the Manhattan Beach Woman's Club in the above video. "You can go from town to town and actually see more than on just on a morning walk. The importance of having the long distance is an entirely different experience. And there's a sense of freedom to putting a pack on your back and, just on your own two legs, go as far as you can go. It's starting to become a reality."

Who's ready for a thru-hike?

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