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Protecting Ventura's Open Space

Any visitor to Ventura will note the remarkable expanse of open space surrounding this coastal city. The protection of these unobstructed landscapes is crucial to residents, so much so that Ventura has one of the strictest sprawl control measures in the United States. "Open space, to me, really nurtures the soul," says Linda Parks, Ventura County Supervisor, "I'm always looking to see where we can increase access to the public and preserve the beautiful habitat that we have."

Not only are there initiatives to expand the trail system around Ventura, there are also efforts to help local wildlife safely travel between habitats. One such plan is to construct a "green bridge" over the 101 Freeway for mountain lions to have a safe crossing between the Santa Monica Mountains and the Los Padres National Forest.

It is ultimately hoped that the preservation of open space will inspire residents and visitors alike to become stewards of these untrammeled lands.

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