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Restoring Surfer's Point at Seaside Park

At Surfer's Point in Ventura County, the threat of coastal erosion continues to underscore the fragility of this radiant patch of shore. "I think if you look back in history, we've made a lot of mistakes in how we've treated the California coast," explains Paul Jenkin, member of the Surfrider Foundation of Ventura County. For decades, infrastructure that was built too close to the shore has impaired many parts of the coast, including Surfer's Point. Jenkin's organization and the local community have worked to reverse this damage by relocating part of the California Coastal Trail away from the edge of the beach and implementing a dune restoration program to help protect the shoreline.

"People are committed to making this place better," Jenkin proudly adds, "This is really the center of community here in so many ways." At Surfer's Point, the rebuilding of the California Coastal Trail and other restoration projects serve as a testament to the community's efforts to maintain this thriving coastal center.

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