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Holiday Classic: Poinsettias

Albert Ecke immigrated from Germany to Southern California in 1902 and opened a roadside stall selling fruits and vegetables. By the 1920s his son Paul started selling some of the wild poinsettia plants that grew in the hills above their stall. From these small beginnings, it is now estimated that over 90% of all flowering poinsettias get their start at the Paul Ecke Ranch. Join Huell and Luis as they meet Paul, Paul Jr. & Paul III, who give them a tour of this amazing and brightly colored piece of California's Christmas Gold.

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Neptune Pool

Huell gets a behind-the-scenes tour and takes the "swim of a lifetime" in the Neptune pool at Hearst Castle, which is arguably one of the most spectacular pools in the world. It is fed by mountain water and is surrounded by ancient Roman columns and statues. Designed by architect Julia Morgan, the Neptune pool was constructed in 1924 and finally completed after several redesigns in 1936.

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Holcomb Valley

Huell tours Holcomb Valley, just north of Big Bear, and learns about its gold mining history.

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Chiriaco Summit

Situated 30 miles east of Indio, this popular stop for travelers and truckers who want to gas up, get a home cooked meal or browse for knick-knacks is celebrating its 75th anniversary. Huell spends the day with the people who live and work in this desert outpost as they enjoy this milestone.





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Wings Over California

Soar above our state as we look at the Pigeon Courier Service at Avalon on Catalina Island, once the most expeditious means of communication with the small island. Next, Huell visits the Twenty-Nine Palms Air Academy, created during World War II. Huell goes up in the air with some of the original pilots at this, the largest glider school in the country.

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La Grange

Huell travels to the small town of La Grange to see an amazing part of our states history. The Tuolumne Gold Dredge sits abandoned right of the highway and is an incredible site. Huell and some local historians visit the dredge and the now virtual ghost town that was once home to the many workers that kept this behemoth running around the clock in search of gold.






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Bunny Museum

Join Huell as he hops over to the Pasadena home of Candace Frazee and Steve Lubanski, who have turned their house into a living museum filled with almost everything bunny! Over 21,000 bunny collectibles: most of their furniture, light fixtures, kitchenware, toiletries, books, and games are bunny themed. And lounging around their house, they have seven real bunny pets that do not live in cages, and are litter box trained!



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Keeping Cool

Californians have done everything imaginable to keep cool in their blistering deserts. Join Huell as we look at two ways of cooling off: first, in the amazing old "desert submarines" of Indio County, then at an honest-to-goodness oasis near Palm Springs.

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Yes Spam. The canned block of pork and ham you thought you had left behind in your childhood is as popular as ever. Join Huell as he attends the 1999 Los Angeles County Fair's “Best Spam Recipe” contest where judging is based on taste appeal, appearance and originality. With recipes like Spam Taquitos, Spam Pate and a Pumpkin-Spam Casserole, this show is definitely a feast for the eyes.

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Step back in time with Huell as he visits a weekend gathering of classic teardrop trailers. They sleep two, and have a built-in kitchen on the back all in a teardrop shaped trailer a little more than eight feet long. Some were built by various manufacturers, but many were lovingly built or restored by hand from plans in a Popular Science magazine.







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The miracle of the Swallows of Capistrano takes place each year at the Mission San Juan Capistrano on March 19th, St. Joseph's Day. Legend says the swallows, seeking sanctuary from an innkeeper who destroyed their nests, took up residence at the old Mission. They return to the site each year to nest, knowing their young can be safe within the Mission walls.

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Sequoia Black History

Huell joins the centennial celebration of Colonel Charles Young's tenure as superintendent at Sequoia National Park. Young led his "Buffalo Soldiers" during a historic summer working in the second national park ever created in the United States. Young discovered and named a majestic Giant Sequoia after an individual that inspired and influenced his life, Booker T. Washington. After nearly 100 years, this tree has been rediscovered and stands as a monument to both Colonel Charles Young and Booker T. Washington.

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Have you ever wondered what 100,000 Monarch Butterflies look like? Well here's your chance. Huell travels to Pismo State Beach to visit the largest overwintering site for Monarch butterflies in the U.S. More people visit this site than any another butterfly site in the world. Last year they had 50,000 visitors!

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Manzanar War Relocation Center was one of ten camps at which Japanese American citizens and resident Japanese aliens were interned during World War II. It is located at the foot of the imposing Sierra Nevadas in the Owens Valley. Huell Howser is joined by experts and internees to learn about the camp's complex history. And although little remains of the camp itself, Huell discovers a permanent reminder of the internees' detention -- their names etched in concrete.

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Huell is off to Stanford University to learn about Eadweard Muybridge and his ground breaking photographs of animal locomotion. With the financial help of wealthy Leland Stanford, a former California Governor and founder of Stanford University, Muybridge used multiple cameras to capture innovative images of animals in motion. His venture, which would make contributions to art and science, began in 1872 at Stanford's horse farm in Palo Alto the future site of Stanford University.

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Buried Treasures

Explore the coastal town of Guadalupe, in Santa Barbara County, where the massive set from Cecil B. De Mille's silent film epic, "The Ten Commandments," is buried; journey to the Sierra County mining town of Alleghany and descend cavernous tunnels, 2200 feet below, for an adventure in search of gold.

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Masonic Cave

Huell's off to Amador county and the town of Volcano. It was once a thriving, gold mining town in the 1850s and 1860s, but Huell has set off to discover the mysterious cave in this mountain community which served as a Masonic lodge.


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Wedding of the Waters

In 1937, an amazing three-day event took place to celebrate the opening of a new road from Lone Pine to Death Valley. A gourd was filled with water from the highest lake in the U.S. on the side of Mt. Whitney. A trip commenced using all modes of important California transportation--Native American runner, Pony Express, miner and burro, 20-mule team, stagecoach, train, car and plane. With many famous participants, the water finally arrived at the lowest lake in the U.S, Bad Water Death Valley, and was poured in, thus consummating the Wedding of the Waters.

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Pismo Clams

Huell travels to Pismo Beach -- 10 miles south of San Luis Obispo -- and learns how its famous clams, plentiful in the region at the turn of the century, branded an identity for one of the last classic California beach towns.






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Huell learns about California's early logging industry during a visit to Scotia, located 30 miles south of Eureka on Highway 101 in Humboldt County. Scotia may be the last true company town in America. It was founded as a logging camp in 1883 and is still the home of the Pacific Lumber Company.

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Santa Barbara Island

Travel to Santa Barbara Island, one of the eight Channel Islands, to learn about the history and nature of this beautiful place from its only human resident -- a ranger. Huell actually walks the perimeter of this island to get a feel for this seldom seen part of the Golden State.

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Ships in a Bottle

Huell's off to the Maritime Museum of San Diego to learn about building ships in a bottle, an art form believed to have originated in the 18th century. These tiny masterpieces are also important pieces of Maritime history.

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Santa Rosa Island

The Chumash called it Wimal. To Conquistador Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo it was San Lucas. Today it is known as Santa Rosa, and its 54,000 acres of open land 24 miles off the coast of Santa Barbara is the newest addition to Channel Islands National Park.

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Things Beside The Road

In this episode, a 49er RV park, an air museum, and the Eureka elk catch Huell's eye. He just has to pull off the road to check them out.

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Huell visits the historic lumber and railroad town of McCloud, located at the foot of Mt. Shasta, California's second highest mountain. Included in this adventure is a trip on the famous McCloud railroad, a visit to the local swimming hole located in a magnificent natural setting and a tour of the town and its quaint, old buildings.


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Rain Bird

In this episode of California's Gold, Huell explores the history of Rain Bird, a sprinkler manufacturer with a remarkable history beginning with a Glendora citrus farmer named Orton Englehart, who invented the first impact sprinklers in the 1930s. Rain Bird also demonstrates their latest in sprinkler technology.







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Some people like it -- to others, it's a nuisance. Something "to come in out of." But like it or not, everyone would agree it's been a part of the history of California since the very beginning. We're talking about wind. And on this particular adventure, host Huell Howser goes in search of some of the most historic and strongest wind around.

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Governor's Mansion

Huell gets a behind-the-scene's look at the Governor's Mansion in Sacramento. We'll get a special tour from Kathleen Brown who lived in the house as a teenager.

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California Zephyr

Huell revisits the California Zephyr, a magnificent train which traveled between Chicago and Oakland from 1949 to 1970. Huell climbs aboard one of the original restored silver "Vista-Dome" cars and travels through some of the most spectacular scenery in the state, heading west from Lake Tahoe. Huell shares the ride with a group of people who worked on and rode the original Zephyr.

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