chefs a field good catch

Part cooking, part fishing expedition, "Chefs A' Field: Good Catch" is the ultimate culinary adventure, as the nation's best chefs get on board for a tasty trip from sea to table. This groundbreaking series follows outstanding chefs as they head out of the kitchen for a series of action-filled adventures in search of sustainable seafood. Each episode features a different chef who trades in his or her apron for the opportunity to get out on the water and reel in the catch of the day with local fishermen or fish farmer. Together they find out why sustainably harvested seafood is better-not only on the palette-but for human health as well as the planets. With our catch in hand, we head into the kitchen where our chef offers a few cooking tips, introduce us to some new seafood options, and demonstrate family friendly recipes.

Filmed in stunning 4K, "Chefs A' Field: Good Catch" casts out, dives deep, and offers a birds eyes view both on the water and in the kitchen. Chefs A' Field: Good Catch is the fifth season of the highly acclaimed and award- winning public television series that features expert chefs, farmers, and fishermen. C"Chefs A' Field: Good Catch" has received numerous awards and recognition, including four James Beard Awards, two TASTE Awards, two CINE Golden Eagles, several National Emmy Award nominations as well as national media coverage.

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