ciao italia

Sunday Supper / Cena Domenicale

When Renee Plummer makes Sunday Supper at her house, the whole family shows up-and not just the immediate one. For good reason, her Sunday Sauce with Meatballs is fantastic, and so are her Lambchop Lollipops, not to mention her terrific Tomato Salad. Mary Ann lends a hand, to make this a Super Sunday.

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Cooking with the King / Cucinare Con Il Re

Seafood super chef Jasper White invites Mary Ann to lend a hand preparing two of his signature dishes; Golden yellow Fettucine with Mussels, Saffron, and Cherry Tomatoes, followed by crispy, crunchy Almond-Crusted Fish. And what's the perfect side? Surprise, surprise, it's Jasper's lemon tangy Fennel Slaw. Beautiful bounty from the sea.. . for thee.

  • 2020-02-27T02:00:00-08:00

Sicilian Scaccia / Scaccia Siciliana

Pizza dough takes on new meaning when Mary Ann layers it with tomato sauce and sliced caciocavallo cheese, then folds it... and folds it again to create a Sicilian favorite, when baked in the oven rises to new heights of comfort food into a golden brown loaf that slices like a dream revealing succulent swirls of melted cheese and hot tomato sauce. Seconds, anyone?

  • 2020-03-05T02:00:00-08:00

Bringing Up Ryan

Restaurant co-owner and chef Ryan (RJ) Joyce has come a long way from washing dishes in the Ciao Italia television studio twenty years ago. Mary Ann visits him in his restaurant to reminisce about those early days while she helps him prepare some of his favorite dishes, including Kale and Cannellini Bean Bruschetta, an herb-stuffed Lamb Braciole, and a silky-smooth Chocolate Budino The apple didn't fall far from the tree!

  • 2020-03-12T03:00:00-07:00

All About Cauliflower / Tutto Sul Cavolfiore

Mary Ann champions the humble cauliflower by showing creative ways to change it from ho-hum to Wow! Her Roasted Cauliflower has a spicy, red-pepper, oregano, and tomato paste rub that adds an unexpected punch when it comes out of the oven like burnished gold. Then it's time for Spaghetti with Cauliflower, graced with garlic, anchovy paste and red peppers. For the finale? A thick slab of Cauliflower Steak brushed with garlic, celery salt, oregano and baked in the oven. Say so long to ho-hum.

  • 2020-03-19T03:00:00-07:00