City Walk: Portland

Season 2, Episode 6: Walking = Falling Forward

Learn why your foot is a superhero as "City Walk" takes you on walks around the racetrack, NYC under the moon, and beyond.

In this special health and fitness episode of "City Walk," family physician and past President of the American College of Sports Medicine Dr. Bob Sallis gives facts that promote physical fitness as a reliable antidote to the many conditions caused by sedentary lifestyles.

Also covered in the show is the direct link between a healthy diet and walking, plus an in-depth look at the design and anatomy of a single footstep. Other segments explore the concept of “Volkswalking," a group of adventure-seeking seniors tackling the rain-drenched pathways of the Cleveland Zoo, and a stroll through a NASCAR speedway.


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Design Is People

The premiere episode of City Walk shines a spotlight on the most exotic and exciting walks in America, and travels to cities across the country that are currently transforming themselves into more walkable communities. With stops in Pasadena, Washington D.C., and New York City, the episode offers a personalized look at the changing landscape for pedestrians. We also discover how walking rehabilitation helped teenager Daniela recover from a sudden stroke, and how technology that once promised an easy future may now be harmful to your health.

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Every City Is a Living Body

This episode of "City Walk" journeys from Los Angeles to Boston. We take a closer look at something many of us take for granted -- our own two feet. The series will take a look at the city wide cycling/walking extravaganza known as Ciclavia in Los Angeles, the pedestrian-friendly sidewalks and public transportation system of San Francisco, and Boston's string of urban parks known as the Emerald Necklace, and the newly completed Greenway in the heart of the city.

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