Feature: My Man Godfrey

Directed by Gregory La Cava, "My Man Godfrey" stars William Powell and Carole Lombard. Powell stars as Godfrey, a man who is picked up by socialite Irene (Lombard) and is made into the perfect butler. This landmark screwball comedy follows the antics and struggles of of Irene's family, who are always helped by Godfrey.

Learn more about this film -- including how it helped popularize the screwball comedy genre and why people flocked to see these films during the Great Depression -- in our weekly column, Cool Classic Context. Plus -- a look at L.A. back in the day!

Tonight's Cool Classic Theater package:

Cartoon: "Bunny Mooning"

Newsreel: I. "Psychic Forecast For 1936"

II. "Jimmy Durante Surprises Kids As Santa Claus"

Musical Interlude: Duke Ellington, "Symphony In Black"

Film Feature: "My Man Godfrey"


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