Feature: Nothing Sacred

Carole Lombard and Fredric March star in the 1937 comedy "Nothing Sacred." March plays a New York Newspaper reporter who has been demoted to writing obituaries. As an out, he writes a story about Hazel Flagg (Lombard), a woman who is supposedly dying of radium poisoning. Things become complicated when Hazel discovers her doctor was wrong.

Want to be a smartypants? Read our "Classic Cool Context" article on what Hollywood and what L.A. were like when this movie came out. Then act like you knew it the whole time.

Tonight's Classic Cool Theater package:

  • Cartoon: "Peeping Penguins"

  • Newsreel: "Wings Of The West"

  • Musical Interlude: Our Gang, "On A Sunday Afternoon"

  • Film Feature: "Nothing Sacred"

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