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Comedy Bootcamp: The Documentary

Episode 0

Today, less than 1% of Americans have served in the military, a significant decrease from 17% who served in World War II. As fewer civilians have friends or family in the armed services, it is difficult to understand the journey our veterans have faced. "Comedy Bootcamp: The Documentary" shines a light on today's returning service members, shadowing a new class of former military veterans as they embark on a journey to share their stories and connect with others — through comedy. The heartwarming documentary follows several participants as they attend weekly classes, led by professional stand-up comedians, designed to help them and other individuals of the military community develop their performing and writing skills.

Throughout the process, some of the individuals discover a new outlet to discuss the struggles they face in their transition to civilian life. William, who retired from the Army in 2013, joined Comedy Bootcamp as an outlet for creative expression and to assist in easing his PTSD. Mae, whose husband served in the Navy, became involved with the program to meet friends who also shared her passion for comedy and performing. Mike, a Michigan native and a retired Coast Guard service member, learned about the Bootcamp from his involvement in the veterans' organization Wounded Warrior Project. With a concluding White House performance, Comedy Bootcamp participants share their stories of resilience, hope and humor.

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