Architect Whitney Sander & Designer Catherine Holliss: Space for Ideation

Architect Whitney Sander and designer Catherine Holliss' house in the Venice canals is an idea house. Cerebral in concept and execution, the creation is built entirely without walls, embracing a myriad of materials - sunflower-seed wall board, bamboo flooring, marmoleum, recycled-steel structural frames, to name a few - that are used to delineate spaces, much like the 'skin and bones' of shelter.


Context in Venice
"The only rules that you have in this area are to make sure that houses do not look alike."


Part of the Influx
"I hope that the Venice 20 years from now is still full of people who are completely different from one another."


Sander on his Home
"I wanted to experiment, and Venice was the perfect place to do it."



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