Artist Brett Goldstone: River Gates


Although Brett Goldstone is best known as the artist behind the "river-gates" along the Elysian Valley - from Los Feliz to Snake Park - Goldstone's relationship to the Los Angeles River spans decades and artistic styles. In 1996, Goldstone - whose home and studio was located near the river's confluence with the Arroyo Seco - used the Los Angeles River to stage three happenings that came to be known as the L.A. River Shows. In the L.A. River Shows, Goldstone used the natural and built environments to create events that "powered" the river stream by using its hydraulic energy to light-up the Avenue 64 Bridge and a hand-made railroad engine. It is no coincidence that FOLAR along with the MRCA, commissioned Goldstone to narrate the story of the river through metal gates that give the public access to the river.


Above are three videos of artist Brett Goldstone talking about using the Los Angeles River for inspiration and as a canvas for art installations and experiences.


The Gate Maker
On becoming an artist.


Public Art
The river as canvas.


Guerrilla art and the river.



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