Author Joe Linton Discusses the History and Issues of the LA River

An active advocate for the restoration and revitalization of the river for over 20 years, Joe Linton began leading monthly walks along the Los Angeles River in 1998 to increase awareness about it and its surroundings. After years of exploration into the river's landscape and urban ecosystem, Linton self-published the river's preeminent guidebook, Down by the Los Angeles River. The guide, along with his in-depth and often humorous blog, have become indispensable tools for those interested in learning about, exploring and engaging with the Los Angeles River.


A Brief History of the River (as told by Joe Linton) 

"A lush and pleasant space..."


Down by the River 

The evolution of a river advocate.


Clean Water Act 

The impact of the CWA for the LA River.


Public Space 

Angelinos' strange relationship to public space



The State of the L.A. River water stream.


Master Plan 

Linton on the river's Master Plan.


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