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Project submitted by: Sacramento BHC Youth Media Team

Project summary: Documents the Building Healthy Communities Sacrameto's Charette -- week-long activities that gathered community input for a community action plan that will be presented to the City council and our County Board of supervisors.

BHC site: Sacramento

In the last month one of the grantees of Sacramento BHC has been working on a Sacramento BHC process where they use various maps; tools to gather input to create a community action plan that will be presented to the City council and our County Board of supervisors with the various findings from the survey that people will be taking. Our Sac BHC Youth Media Team was tasked to document in film the Charrette process, where during the span of a week-long activities they gathered community input to create an action plan. They did this by engaging our local BHC residents, stakeholders, grantees and business owners to help create improved bike and pedestrians' safety, increased healthy food access, a clean environment and safe and affordable housing. By doing this charrette process we will begin to lift up the voices of people to make changes in our community and also building the power of people to make changes in community.


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