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Hola. Ni hao ma? O_O Well hello whoever is reading this, this is Jason Hong. I've live in Chinatown all my life - for the last 15 years that is, since November 5 1994, year of the Northrdige Earthquake yo! Well, the neighborhood I live in is known by many as Cathay Village, a relatively small area, but with extremely dense amounts of people. Many others I know live in the area or around. My neighborhood is quiet and reserved, acts of violence are known to occur in the area, yet everyone is at peace. There is not much to do in my neighborhood, but only to explore the other more, nostalgic areas of Chinatown. Further in Chinatown, lies great, amazing places. Yup. O_O

One thing about my neighborhood that must be changed is the area on the highest peak of the neighborhood, that overlooks Dodger's Stadium. Parts of that area are extremely rundown, with a huge area of grassland that's being constructed on. Coyotes even live in this area, which is just unbelievable. These coyotes are remnants of the wildlife that once lived in the area before houses were built, they had actually survived until this day and age since possibly the 1900's. They pose a safety hazard and something must be done to preserve the wild life.

I would have to say that I really do miss the area under the lemon tree that grew near my house. It's now destroyed - cut down by my neighbors. I can recall spending hot summer days under its shade trying to reach for a lemon that was way to high up for me to reach ROFL. O_O

I'd have to say my old elementary school help lots of special meaning to me. Castelar Elementary was its name, and back then when everybody was all innocent.. That makes me reminscient of the days back then.

A place I can escape to is also another area where the neighborhood reaches its peak in height, overlooking Dodger's Stadium. There's a nice little area up top with stable ground, where you can see the whole neighborhood and all of Chinatown from the top. It's great and the morning air is amazing. The true intrigue about this area is the peacocks. The person who owns the house on the peak owns several peacocks, which fly and can even let you pet them. It's truly amazing to be able to see peacocks whenever you wish to. In that area, cats can be seen, and sometimes even ducks and rabbits, which is completely out of place with the setting.

A place that would have history to my family would be our old home. It was the first home my parents moved into, and many memories that only my oldest sister knows can be found there.

My neighbor Sharon Yu's house is always of great interests. Her house is full of wonder, and also due to it being haunted on the top level. It's one of the biggest homes in my neighborhood.

A place I am afraid to cross is the area down the hill (College Street) to Chinatown. I've heard of many people being robbed, raped, and jumped in this area. Alongside this hill are also many gangs, known as the Triads.

My favorite place to eat in Chinatown would have to be Lollicup. I've had so many summer heated days in middle school and high school going there with others for some boba and fried food. It's an overall meet up place.

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