Compton Creek

Today, the lush vegetation along Compton Creek provides a glimpse into a time when the wetlands of Compton and Vernon were zoned for agriculture. Rivers have memories. Not long ago, city dwellers used the area as a dumping ground, throwing everything from rubbish to dead animals into the wetlands. Things have fortunately changed; a coalition of NGO's, politicians and city residents are now claiming the creek as their own, in a way bringing the natural resource back to life - and back to their community.

Layout of the Creek
The 8 mile creek extends and traverses under freeways and neighborhoods before letting out into the ocean.


Life on the Creek
"Everybody thinks, 'yeah its a sewer'..."


The Compton Creek Task Force
Beautification measures, bike trails and upkeep are some of the numerous missions of county officials are involved in the task force.


Compton Creek Property
Land owned along the creek was eventually sold to the city.


The Creek = Community
The creek connects the community and needs to be respected.


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