Councilman Ed Reyes on the Resilience of the LA River and the Revitalization Plan

Serving on the Los Angeles City Council in District 1 since 2001, Ed Reyes is Chair of the Los Angeles River Ad Hoc Committee, and also spearheaded the Los Angeles River Revitalization Plan in 2007. Growing up along the river in Lincoln Heights (among other neighborhoods), Reyes has brought a renewed focus to the area, including flood control, environmental protection, and enhanced water quality. The Revitalization Plan has allowed for the creation of better bike and pedestrian paths, parks, and wetland habitats, and has been instrumental in the rehabilitation and protection of the historic river bridges. In 2007, Reyes initiated the city's first plastic bag recycling campaign, helping to raise awareness to the non-point pollution problem threatening the river and its wildlife.

Student Producer Amanda Gonzalez interviewed him. Click here to read about her impressions.

Above are two videos of Councilman Ed Reyes discussing the resilience of the Los Angeles River and the Revitalization Plan for the river's future.



Councilman Reyes talks about nature's resilience to overcome the channelization of the river.


The Master Plan

An overview of the LA River Revitalization Plan.

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