Departures Preselected for INPUT, the International Public Television Conference

Departures is proud to announce that our Venice, California installment has been preselected--along with 16 other television programs and transmedia projects--to represent the U.S. at INPUT 2011. INPUT (an acronym for INternational PUblic Television) is an annual weeklong conference showcasing and discussing innovation in public media around the world. The 17 projects will be reviewed in February, and if selected, Departures will be presented at the conference in Seoul, South Korea. Over 50 countries will be attendance.


About Departures:
An oral history project, an interactive documentary, a community engagement tool, a digital literacy project, Departures is an ecology of media that may be likened to the slow food movement: locally grown, produced and consumed. Departures has ventured into the city to record its deep social and cultural history, and spoken with hundreds of people (residents, historians, migrants, to name just a few) to create multilayered portraits of the neighborhoods and people that compose this city.


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