Departures Wins Japan Prize


Departures was awarded the prestigious Japan Foundation President's Prize from the Japan Prize for an excellent work that encourages mutual understanding among nations and races or contributes to cultural exchange.

The JAPAN PRIZE was established in 1965 by NHK as an International Educational Program Contest with the aims of improving the quality of educational programs around the world and contributing to the development and fostering of international understanding and cooperation."¨

The ceremony is one of the most important international awards celebrating the production and distribution of public media in the world.

We are very honored and humbled that Departures, a hyper-local media series, is being recognized internationally for its efforts to bridge and encourage the mutual understanding among people and nations. Los Angeles is a multi-ethnic metropolis with stories and histories that migrate from all over the world - the series has been able to capture and find the common humanity between people of all races, and to create spaces to share them with the city as a whole.

Celebrate with us and tell us in the comments why you love Departures!

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