Dr. Arnold Springer: Venice Historian

Professor Arnold Springer is many things: a political activist, a historian, an old-time Venice resident and advocate. He is so well regarded and trusted by the community that many of Venice's neighborhood decisions have taken place in the living room of his house, off Electric Avenue. Professor Springer has spent many years collecting primary sources from the history of early Venice, some of which can be found at the Venice Archives -- which he created -- at CalState Long Beach, and the ongoing [Venice History Book Project].


The Estuary
"This was an estuary. The Los Angeles river used to flow through here until there was a great storm, and the river diverted itself. It was a countryside man, it was beautiful."


About Abbot Kinney
"Abbot Kinney was rich, well educated, well read and well traveled. He was a very energetic person, but he was restless."


Venice Unincorporated
"Disincorporate the city, and join Los Angeles and two times that proposition failed... The third time it passed. The aftermath was the realization that they had given up their independence. The only thing they got was a new police station. That's all they got, LAPD."


The Science of Our Past
"History is really very vital for our culture and our society because it fills a void... Its the science of our past, and tells us stories and roots us."



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