Eagle Rock Gets an Exhibit... and a Mirror

Occidental College's Katie Mills convinced me that we should produce Departures: Eagle Rock with her students when she explained that Oxy was often perceived as an enclosed bubble plopped down in the middle of their local hood. A project like this would not only spotlight Eagle Rock, but could help both students and community members better recognize and understand each other.

The culmination of our production was, of course, Departures: Eagle Rock. But the process also produced a wonderful opening at Oxy's Weingart Gallery, where students and community members mingled with each other.

... and ate cupcakes from Auntie Em's.

In a nondescript Eagle Rock building we found a radio station, a newspaper, an adult day care center, and a shipping business called Filipino Village. Folks from the Village's Everlasting Adult Day Care Center came to represent - it was the first time they had seen a multimedia exhibition.

If you visit the gallery, make sure to tag your thoughts about Eagle Rock on the wall and if you visit on-line tag them on the site. Thanks to Dino and Gary, key in leading the students through the production of the project.

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