Eames Foundation: Preserving the Legacy of Ray and Charles Eames

Charles and Ray Eames met at Cranbrook College, eloped, and moved to Venice where they felt they could focus on their work without distraction. Their exploration of design and materials at that time fit perfectly within the industrial infrastructure of the nearby Douglas Aircraft Company and Shelby-American. Their work would make an everlasting impression on American architecture, design, and film to come. Grandson and filmmaker Eames Dimitrios, cherishes growing up in the presence and creativity of their studio, and currently manages the Eames Foundation. The foundation houses their archives and preserves their legacy and history of their studio on Washington Boulevard.


Ray and Charles Eames
"They came here because they didn't know anybody. It was just what they needed. When you opened their door it was like stepping through the looking glass, it was another world."


Continuing a Legacy
"The role of the designer is basically that of a good host, anticipating the needs of the guest."



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