Eating Healthy - a Right and Responsibility


Eating healthy is a right mixed with a responsibility. Every person on this planet deserves the chance to eat a juicy red apple. The thing is, a majority of people don't have access to healthy food, and for me healthy food is anything except fast food, soda, potatoe chips and candy. For a lot of communities, that kind of food is all that is accessible to them, so they have no choice than to eat that. So the right for them to eat healthy is not there, it doesn't exist for them.

If we start to look at the other side of the story and talk about the people who do have access to healthy food, then we start to see that since the right for them to eat healthy is there, it is then their responsibility to exercise that right out. When healthy food is available to me, then it is my responsibility to eat what is going to benefit me.

Eating healthy should be a right turned into a responsibility. You and I have to have the right to have accessibility to healthy food, but then, it is our responsibility to carry on that right.

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