Ed Moses, Abstract Expressionist: Coming to Venice

Artist Ed Moses was the only abstract expressionist among the Ferus Group, creating a link between the rebellious emotions of New York and the cool aesthetic of the West. Considered the bad boy of the L.A. art scene of the 1960's, Moses moved to Venice looking for a studio space where he could lay his canvases on the floor and paint. Unlike his East Coast counterparts, Moses's work felt more public and formally daring, especially with color; suggesting that the outdoor light and hues of Venice may have played a key role in shaping the direction of his work.


Coming to Venice
"Venice seemed to be a ferment of creative activity for the poets, the writers, the strippers, the police, the skaters and the gangs."


A Close Knit
"We were so busy in our own minds and in our own studios, but we exchanged studio visits every day."


On His Art
"It's just a question of chance, which I've always liked about it. Not using your head, but responding to your own culture."



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