Ellis Cooke - Longtime Resident

In a city defined by stereotypes, Ellis Cooke stands out from the crowd. The man represents the last vestige of Compton's working class Methodist temperance past. Cooke was first attracted to the large lots in the area, and moved to Richland Farms in 1962 to raise his family. His account of Richland Farms is reminiscent of the 'old days' when the roads were dirt and horse trails wound down to Long Beach or up to the San Gabriel Mountains. Cooke's five children learned the value of raising livestock, such as sheep, chickens, and horses. His daughter once told Cooke that as a child, she used to race horses down Greenleaf Boulevard, a now a highly trafficked two lane asphalt road.

Family & Community
"I was looking for a place for my horses when I retired and I found it here."


Perceptions of Compton
"You will never resolve the bad image of Compton by running away from it."


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