Eric J. Perrodin - Mayor Of Compton

As told by Student Producer
Tachi Vickers

In the City of Compton, Eric J. Perrodin has replaced his badge with the suit of a politician. Mr. Perrodin, once a policeman is now the mayor of Compton and focuses on city planning, aimed at creating more green space outlets for Compton's youth. As a policy maker, he tries to break down the cultural barriers that plague the community and the remaining problems still lingering in the streets. As a former policeman, Mr. Perrodin was on the front lines fighting the drug and gang infested streets of Compton in the 1980's. More than once he's been targeted by the Barn Yard Crips that reigned in the Richland Farms area.

Social Dynamics
"The Latino community takes pride in the agricultural roots of Richland Farms."


Cultural Exhancge
New customs, such as the use and sell of unpasteurized milk - common with some people in Latin America - is clashing with the old traditions of the area."


Planning & Development
"Our community has an over abundance of things they don't need - such as liquor stores."


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