Frances Anderton: Venice Architecture in Review

Frances Anderton came to Los Angeles via Bath, England in 1991 and like her compatriot Reyner Banham, fell in love with the city. As a longtime producer and host of radio shows Which Way, LA? and DnA: Design and Architecture respectively, Anderton has spent the last 25 years of her professional and personal life exploring the relationship between L.A.'s architecture, politics and design.
Much like Banham, Anderton infuses her shows, articles, and talks with a deep sense of loyalty for Los Angeles, celebrating its constant sense of renewal and questioning - or perhaps dreading the time when the city will finally "grow up".


A History of Architecture in Venice
"Let's say it started in the 1950s, when artists were attracted to Venice because it was an affordable, airy place where they felt open and free."


On Lawrence Scarpa
"The architecturally dramatic part of his house is an extension to a little ditty Venice cottage."


On Lorcan O'Herlihy
"Lorcan O'Herlihy is one of LA's most talented architects who very much has an artist's sensibility. He's also a painter and there's a love of abstract composition that you find in his work."


On Glen Irani
"Glen is married to an artist, so his house is very much his own sensibility - but is absolutely fused with his wife's sensibility."


On Whitney Sanders
"Whitney is an East Coast academic who has touched down in Venice, and there's something about Venice - whoever you are, wherever you come from - that touches the soul. Whitney would be doing something quite different if he were building in Boston."



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