Frank Murphy: Real Estate Developer

Developers are scowled at by locals, and Frank Murphy is not exempt. Viewed as catalysts for unwanted change, they bring in outsiders and push insiders out, while plowing the land in order to build their sky fortresses. However, through much adversity, Murphy offers more than meets the eye. He pushes for density by building multi-family dwellings versus single family homes, explaining that his strategy is just as environmentally sound as LEED certified accommodation. He works with Venice 2000 to hire reformed ex-gang members who might not otherwise be hired, and is known for his collaboration with artists in order to accent the architecture, often creating public pieces of art. Murphy continues to embrace the high standards of the Venice locals, and quite often exceeds them.


Density is Green
"There isn't a whole lot of fun for me unless I can bring these various artists and architects together and have them clash and see what happens."


High Expectations
"You have all of these old hippies that still think Venice is what it was in the 1960s and 1970s, or what they imagined it to be, but now they're all millionaires and upper-class people."


A Litmus Test
"This never was a suburb by the sea and it's never going to be a suburb by the sea. Get over it, it's Venice!"



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