Guru Ram Das Ashram

In the late 1960s, Yogi Bhajan emigrated to Los Angeles and began promoting the lifestyle of Kundalini Yoga, partly as an alternative to the prevalent drug use among youth. Through yoga, many of its practitioners were introduced to Sikhism, leading to the adoption of the religion throughout the United States.

In 1972, Guru Ram Das Ashram, a center for Yogi Bhajan's work, was established in a former chiropractics and hydrotherapy office on South Robertson Boulevard. Serving as a gurdwara (place of worship) in the morning and a yoga center during the day, Yogi Bhajan would eventually expand his teachings to over 300 centers in 35 countries.

Today, the Guru Ram Das Ashram remains active, encouraging the public to participate in its yoga program, public events, and particularly through langar, a free vegetarian lunch served daily as a service by the Khalsa Peace Corps.

The Gurdwara
Kirtan Singh Khalsa traces the origin of the Guru Ram Das Ashram, beginning with the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.


Khalsa Peace Corps
Ravinder Singh describes the origin and philosophy of the Khalsa Peace Corps and its mission to provide free meals to anyone who walks through the door.


Customs and Practices
Kirtan Singh Khalsa explains how the all-white dress of Sikhs helps to attract curiosity to the religion.


A Separatist Movement
Ravinder Singh describes the origins of a separatist movement which sprung among Sikhs originally from the Punjab region.


Escaping Political Turmoil
Ravinder Singh describes how his background in construction management and acceptance to USC was his way out of the political turmoil brewing in his home country.

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