Hal's Bar and Grill: Where the Locals Eat

Hal's Bar and Grill has remained a staple for Venice locals on Abbot Kinney Boulevard for over twenty years. Artists such as Ed Moses and Laddie Dill are among patrons that help make up some of the eclectic crowd who frequent the restaurant. Owner Don Novack, refers to Hal's as a "Cheer's bar", rarely turning away a patron for being under dressed. Novack is a savvy business owner, and also recently opened a Mexican eatery called Casa Linda just down the street.


The Local Spot
"Our clients kind of fit the Venice mold, we could have people in cut off jeans at one booth, and somebody almost in a tuxedo at the next booth. Sort of a Cheers bar for Venice."


From the Beginning
"My wife came in at 7 o'clock one morning, and she actually stepped over a dead body."



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