Harry Chandler: A Legacy of Civic Service


As a fourth generation Angelino and a member of the family that founded the Los Angeles Times, Harry Chandler is part of a legacy of civic service. Chandler is both an artist and businessman, and was casually photographing the river one day when he stumbled across the verdant and pristine section that flows through Elysian Valley. Inspired by the discovery of the river's potential to be a beautiful, green space in our city, he became involved in revitalization efforts and met other activists such as Lewis MacAdams. Chandler is now vice chairman of the Los Angeles River Revitalization Corporation, a non-profit whose mission is to restore the river and transform it into a gathering place for communities and businesses.


Discovering the River
On continuing the civic tradition of the Chandler family.


A Great Civic Project
Creating a place for Angelinos to congregate.


About the Los Angeles River Revitalization Coorporation.


Facing the River
How property rights affect the development of the Los Angeles River.

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