Harry Perry: Venice Boardwalk Street Performer

Harry Perry is a legend on the Venice boardwalk. It is difficult to imagine him anywhere else. As a musician, he's performed with bands such as the Grateful Dead and Jane's Addiction, but he prefers to garnish fans by playing on the streets or in small clubs across the country. He believes, when on the street, he can be absolutely true to his music. He can be found jamming on his red and white guitar or pushing his CD's and t-shirts. He is one of the hardest working performers on the boardwalk.


Kama Kosmic Krusader
"I call myself Harry, I also have the Harry Perry Band and I have the Kama Love Krusade, Kama, like Kama Sutra, Kosmic Krusader, not Karma, Kama. I'll put it like this, don't spend any money with music business professionals, they're just there to rip you off."



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