How Do You Use the Los Angeles River?

The Gabrieliños bathed and fished in it; Mexicans built an aqueduct from it; gringos grazed their cattle on it; artists perform and intervene on it; council members played in it; fly fishing aficionados pull from it; the homeless find free, safe sustenance from it: graffiti artists paint Google-sized murals on it; immigrants eat from it; cyclists ride by it; kayakers surf through it; kids walk and hike by it; people ride horses beside it. But what about you? How do you use the L.A. River?

We want to learn how you use the River so that our city officials can make an informed decision about how to revitalize it. Please fill out the brief questionnaire below and let us know what you think. Our Regional Water Quality Control Board, Council District #1 and KCET Departures thank you for your time and support.

Herald-Express photographer Coy Watson Jr. (left) and reporter Fred Eldridge attempt a boat expedition from Hyperion Ave. to Long Beach. This storm was the inducement to begin concrete channelization of the L.A. River.

Courtesy of Los Angeles Public Library

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