JJ Hoffman: Cycling in Los Angeles

JJ Hoffman has been riding bikes in Los Angeles for almost two decades. Her passion for bikes led her to join the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition as a volunteer with Ed Reyes' office, to also work to promote informal rides along the Los Angeles River with Lupe Luna. Now in its 10th year, the Los Angeles River Ride has grown from an outdoor event to an essential player in efforts to revitalize the Glendale and Elysian Narrows. One of the results of the new focus on the river brought by events like the River Ride was the December 4, 2010 extension of the 3 mile bike path along the river, proving that non-traditional forms of community action can achieve real, substantial changes for the river. But some local residents worry that too much attention is being paid to this new generation of river crawlers, this at the expense of those who have lived next to the river for generations.



The River Ride



The River Ride
Bike advocacy and river revitalization.


River Highway
The river and the biking community.


Mile Bike Path
"Biking the river back to beautiful"


Differences between riders.

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