Journalist Patt Morrison on the Past, Present, and Future of the LA River


Award-winning journalist and radio reporter of the Los Angeles area, Patt Morrison is also known for her best-selling book, Rio L.A.: Tales from the Los Angeles River. In it, Morrison talks about her personal discovery of the Los Angeles River. It is an affectionate account that stresses the importance of the landmark to the city, despite Los Angelenos' unawareness of its significance. An environmentalist and active champion of the river, Morrison was recently awarded the H. David Nahai Water Quality Award for her work reporting on the enforcement of storm water regulations in Los Angeles and Ventura counties.

First Impressions

The river's history also describes the city's history, and the population's priorities through time.

Everybody Wants a Piece

A generation ago, the river was often neglected and forgotten. Now, so many people are paying attention that conflicting ideas threaten to leave it unchanged.

Making it a Resource

Patt Morrison encourages the river to be viewed in the same way as the ocean--as a valuable resource to the city.

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